Trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas is simply a light athletic experience as trekking or hiking is not mountaineering. Attitude with a spirit of adventure and good physical form is enough to explore the exotic and will enjoy the thrills of trekking and fascinating discoveries. However it is important to remember, it requires an adequate level of physical preparation and should remember that there is also a psychological commitment in walking on the mountains.

The Himalayas of Nepal are not only famous for their irregular and austere horizons of rock and ice which captivates you to research the pertinent fact, but are also a home to some of the fearsome rushing rivers, gentle and pleasant streams and of course dense tropical jungles teeming with wide varieties of animals and birds. Binding all these together are the ever smiling face and hospitality of the friendly people of Nepal, whose age old customs, traditions and cultures, as diverse as their surroundings, are kept alive around temples and monasteries of past centuries.

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