Discover ancient temples and monuments in the valley of the Gods where Hinduism and Buddhism co-exist in perfect harmony. Learn about the myths and legends that shaped the lifestyle of Nepalis for centuries, since ancient times.

Savor traditional Newari food cooked on wood ovens while you stroll through the charming little alleys around the Durbar Squares of the three cities of the Kathmandu Valley; Bhaktapur, Patan, or Kathmandu.

Buy handicrafts from artisans who still work according to old traditions that go back centuries. Admire the fine architecture and exquisite woodcarvings of Newar craftsmen whose artistic brilliance is showcased around the three cities in the form of temples and monuments built centuries ago.

Visit the 7 monuments designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites around Kathmandu in 48 hours.

The Kathmandu Valley has always been a melting pot of diverse cultures, religions, arts, and crafts. The Gopala and Kirat dynasties ruled during the earliest periods, followed by the Licchavi (300-879 AD), who, correspondingly, developed the city with a passion, traditional art, and religious beliefs.

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