Nepal is one of the most interesting and diverse countries on the planet, especially when riding a mountain bike! Ride ridge lines, massive pine woods, and wide alpine in one of the world’s most epic mountain biking tours.

Nepal Mountain Bike Tour is a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to see the country’s rich nature and culture, as well as its incredible terrain, tracks, and trails. Where a mountain bike takes you away from the rush and intensity of city life into tranquil country life, on a hidden track rarely visited area of local communities, and its traditional rural life style that has been kept for centuries.

Despite being the sole flatland on the Gangetic plains of southern Terai running east to west, Nepal offers a challenging to comfortable panoramic ride from the tropical plains of Terai, Mediterranean mild mid-mountainous lush valleys, to the freezing climate of the high alpine region. Trekking or riding mountain bikes are the only ways to uncover these hidden treasure lands and communities with their welcoming, ever-smiling people.

Mountain bike tours in Nepal are exceptional; yet, it’s tough to say exactly what you’ll discover on an MTB tour because riders’ interest in bicycling adventure differs. Although the biking tours we offer are not championship events, they can be used by top athletes as a warm-up ride for events such as the Tour de France.

Nepal Mountain biking tours go above and beyond traditional methods of exploring the Himalayas, their enthralling terrain, people, and culture. And, since its inception, this adventure sports activity has exploded in popularity. Even novice riders will be captivated by the sensation of riding on undulating hills, single tracks, and freeways.

When you have to cycle straight forward climbs and downhill twists with sharp flat corners, the MTB tours we provide will make you sweat. We want you to be aware of the diverse range of travelling delights that a bicycle journey may reveal about the locations you visit.

Nepal Mountain biking tour is not a beginner’s tour. Although the joy of riding a bicycle anyplace in Nepal, whether on a granny or a hard fast gear, is always worth considering.

Traditional methods of exploring the Himalayas, their captivating terrain, people, and culture have been eclipsed by Nepal mountain biking tours. This adventure sports activity has risen in popularity since its introduction. The feeling of riding on rolling slopes, single tracks, and motorways will fascinate even rookie riders.

The MTB tours we offer will make you sweat when you have to pedal uphill straights and downhill twists with sharp flat bends. We want you to be aware of the wide range of various experiences that a bicycle tour can disclose about the places you visit. This isn’t really a beginner’s tour; it is a demanding mountain bike tour in Nepal. Although the pleasure of riding a bicycle anywhere in Nepal, whether on a granny or a hard fast gear, should never be overlooked.

As a Nepal Mountain Bike operator, our goal is to provide you with true perspective cycling tours that engage you, rather than simply shredding knobby tyres on a chain of rolling hills. All the Multi-days MTB tours, as well as day adventures, are customized and guided.

Rainbow Mountain Treks offers scenic and cultural Nepal Mountain Bike tours in the Himalayas, which are one of the best ways to see Nepal at its best, pursuing scenic trails via remote country villages and towns on back-roads with views of the Himalayan mountain range and staying in the coziness of nice country lodges and resorts with warm and welcoming hospitality.

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