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Makalu Expedition


Makalu, the world's fifth highest peak in the world rising to 27,765 feet (8,463 meters). This beautiful and impressive massive is situated just 14 miles east of Everest in the Khumbu region. Its size alone is impressive, but its perfect pyramid structure with four sharp ridges makes this mountain all the more spectacular. Makalu is actually a double peak. The subsidary peak rising just north of the main summit connected by a saddle is called Chomolonzo (25,650 ft.) It is interesting to note that the summit ridge is the demarcation point indicating the border between Nepal on the Southern side and Tibet to the North.The name of the mountain was probably taken from the Sanskrit word Maha-Kala, which means Big Black and is a by-name of Shiva - one of the most important gods of Hinduism. Shiva is sometimes an evil, cruel destroyer but at other times he tends to be gentle and kind-hearted. The mountain has another name in the local dialect - Kumba karna, which means The Giant.Makalu has proved to be a challenging climb, as only five of its first sixteen attempts were successful. To date, there have been a total of 206 successful ascents of Makalu and a total of 22 fatalities. There have been no known winter ascents of this peak.



Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu.

Day 02: Kathmandu.

Day 03: Kathmandu.

Day 04: Kathmandu.

Day 05: Transfer to the airport and fly to Tumlingtar. Trek to Khadbari (1040m).

Day 06: Trek to Mane Bhanjyang (1087m)

Day 07: Trek to Chichiara (1980m).

Day 08: Trek to Num (1560m).

Day 09: Trek to Sheduwa (1500m).

Day 10: Trek to Tashi Goan (2100m)

Day 11: Trek to Kauma (3760m).

Day 12: Trek to Dobato (3700m).

Day 13: Trek to Jark Kharka.(4800m).

Day 14: Hillary Base Camp (4600m).

Day 15: Makalu base camp (4870m).

Day 16: Higher camp.

Day 17-50: Climbing Period Mt. Makalu.

Day 51: Cleaning up Base Camp.

Day 52: Yak Kharka

Day 53: Mumbuk (3520m).

Day 54: Tashi Goan.

Day 55: Num.

Day 56: Chichira.

Day 57: Khandbari (1040m).

Day 58: Tumlingtar and fly back to Kathmandu.

Day 59: Kathmandu.

Day 60: Transfer to airport and departure.


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